maxe crandall

poet playwright director
🪐 poetry editor at FENCE

🎭️ 💭️ 🎙️

Bacchae in residence at Cornell University

3/15/2024 Poets Theater as Interdisciplinary Collaborative Process (workshop) at School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam

3/12/2024 Convention & the Cryptic (workshop)
Rietveld & Sandberg Library, Amsterdam

3/3/2024 Tritone Poetry Series: Violet Spurlock Book Launch
with Maria Silk, Wendy Lotterman, 최 Lindsay at the Firehouse

3/2/2024  San Francisco Poets Theater Festival
producer/curator/director with everyone at The Lab

2/19/2024  Dodie Bellamy & Friends
City Lights Bookstore
Relaunch Cunt Norton & The Cunt-Ups

2/6-8/2024  Together Men Make Paradigms
New Play Reading Series UC Berkeley

1/18/2024 Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects:
A Variety Show Extravaganza at Stanford
“Mud in Love” with Maria Silk

1/1/2024 3-4 pm 50th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon
Poetry Project “Soap Opera Cantata”
with Ashkan Behzadi & Stephen Ira

link my theater company is called

beautiful moments in popular culture