Together Men Make Paradigms



Aeliana Nicole Anderson-Boyer as Cassandra the Tour Guide

Mya Byrne as Chorus

Diana Cage as Tricia the Explainer / Roberto Resto

Red Durkin as Obie / Hawkes Voiceover

Sam Feder as Puck

Theodore (Ted) Kerr as Lysias

Elizabeth Koke as Michelle Jessica

Rachel Levitsky as Andy Warhol

Lara Lorenzo as Ox

Trisha Low as Siren

Buzz Slutzky as Otto Tritorn

Aldrin Valdez as Stanley Kowalski

Adrien Weibgen as Iron


Photography by Grace Moon

Sound by Eh-den Perlove

Sculpture by Aeliana Nicole Anderson-Boyer

Set Design by Maxe Crandall & Aeliana Nicole Anderson-Boyer

Publisher Brenda Iijima

Visual Art by Buzz Slutzky

Video Score by Ethan Weinstock

Written by Maxe Crandall

Directed by Maxe Crandall & Aeliana Nicole Anderson-Boyer


HOT DOG, 2008-2011 by Emmett Ramstad / Design by Tishon Woolcock