Underwater Wedding



a night of experimental performance
curated by maxe crandall
flyer by Aldrin Valdez
photos by Grace Moon

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.31.08 PM

Underwater Wedding CAST

Elizabeth Koke as Mary, Future Spouse
Lonely Christopher as St Joseph the Diving Coach
Diana Cage as Juliet, Wet-Nurse of Bushwick
Aldrin Valdez as David
Stephen Ira as Spartacus Boy Wonder
Theodore Kerr as The Holy Friar
Video Score by Ethan Weinstock
Written & Directed by Maxe Crandall


Wo Chan  White Flag / White Face

IMG_7065     IMG_7040


Johnny Drago & Erik Thurmond  How to Be a Better Baby

IMG_6829     IMG_6866