crandallTogether Men Make Paradigms is the text that poets theater was born to give birth to, the culmination of a hundred years of field work.” -Kevin Killian

chapbook from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

o n l i n e

“Tea and Sympathy” / SFMOMA Open Space
BLEED and Becoming” / on Tere O’Connor / Ontheboards.tv
“Congratulations, You’re a New Narrative Subject” / SFMOMA Open Space
“The Dream of the Dance: Meditations on the Early Videos of Janet Jackson” / SFMOMA Open Space
“Emoji for Cher Heart” / Vetch Issue 1
“Hands on Deck” / The Cortland Review
“Playing Stein” / Jacket2
“Red Ribbon” “Emergency Theater” with Mónica de la Torre / The Recluse
Cutbank: all accounts and mixture (2014)
Poem Talk podcast (Stein’s “How She Bowed to Her Brother”) with Al Filreis, Julia Bloch, and Sarah Dowling

p r i n t

“Young Adult” / Panda’s Friend (2019)
“Polysensorium Tells Your Fortune: An Action Art Object” / Transgender Studies Quarterly 5.1 (2018)
“Dionne Warwick Stares Down Her Enemies” / Brooklyn Poets Anthology (Brooklyn Arts Press 2017)
Emoji for Cher Heart (belladonna chaplet #169)
“Moving Transgender Histories” with Selby W Schwartz / Transgender Studies Quarterly 2.4 (2015)
“Symptom” with Selby W Schwartz / Women & Performance 24: 2-3 (2014)
“Emmett Ramstad’s Pube File”Transgender History in 99 Objects @ ONE Archives
“In Feeling of My Memory” “Monuments” and “Poem for the Apocalypse” / Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books 2013)
“Homosexuals and Scenery” with Jason Zuzga / This Assignment is So Gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching (Sibling Rivalry 2013)

r e v i e w s

on Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
on Kay Gabriel’s Elegy Department Spring
on Jonathan Goldberg’s Melodrama: An Aesthetics of Impossibility
on Vetch Issue 2

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